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C-Kan, ZARAMAY, Angell Kiid – Stay Away


C-Kan, ZARAMAY, Angell Kiid – Stay Away (Official Video)

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C-Kan Biography and all other songs On Topsound

C-Kan Biography

 C-Kan Biography-3

José Luis Maldonado Ramos (b. Guadalajara, Jalisco, 26 July 1987),

[1] better known by his stage name C-Kan, is a Mexican Rapper,

 singer and songwriter signed to Mastred Trax since 2012.

 He became popular in 2012 through his success on social networks,

 with his demo “Voy Por El Sueño De Muchos” (2012) “Classification C,

Vol. 1″ (2014).[2] “Vivo La Vida Cantando” is the title of the

first single from his second album, entitled Clasificación C.

 In 2015, C-Kan released his third album entitled “Clasificacion C,

 Vol. 2″. HMexiCKanos was released on 20 November 2016

 in physical format in Mexico and in digital format (on iTunes).

 C-Kan has over 5 million subscribers on its YouTube

 channel and over 1000 million views. He worked with artists

 such as MC Davo, Don Dinero, Don Cheto, Lil Rob, T Lopez,

 Chingo Bling, Baby Bash, SPM, King Lil G and 50 Cent,

 MC Magic, Pipo Ti, and Sick Jacken.

 C-Kan Biography

C-Kan Biography

C-Kan began rapping when he was a teenager, rhyming

 about life in the streets, gangs, drugs and violence.

 His first group mixtape, ‘Get Money’, released in 2006.

 That same year his first individual mixtape arrived:

 ‘Déjenme Afinar los Gallos’.[1]

In 2007, he released his second mixtape, called “Siluetas del Rap”,

 and a few months after, he released “Déjame Afilar Los Gallos”.

 Following this h was signed by Mastered Trax Latino.

 Along with fellow rappers, Bodka37 and Masibo,

 C-Kan formed a group called Radikales,

 releasing their first single “La Rebelión

de un Sueño” by the end of 2007.

For the following years, he focused on new singles

 and improving his onstage performance.

 He attracted attention through his music videos

 posted on YouTube, as well as appearances on

 Mexican news programs where he spoke about

 the social issues in his lyrics.[3]


C-Kan signed to Mastered Trax Latino in 2012,

 and released his first album: ‘Voy por el sueño de muchos’.

 Two years later he released his second album as

part of Mastered Trax, titled ‘Clasificación C’,

followed by ‘Clasificación C, Vol. 2’ (2015)

 C-Kan Songs

C-Kan Biography

Esta Vida Me Encanta

Voy Por El Sueño de Muchos · 2012


El Pasado Está Olvidado

Cuando Todo Acaba · 2022


Par de Dosis

Par de Dosis · 2022


Bailando Contigo

Bailando Contigo · 2022


Somos De Barrio

Voy Por El Sueño de Muchos · 2012


Viajando en una Nube

Días de Sol · 2017


Un Par de Balas

Greatest Hits · 2018


Quizás No

Voy Por El Sueño de Muchos · 2012


Round 7

Round 7 · 2022


Dejame Conocerte

Voy Por El Sueño de Muchos · 2012


Toma 1

Toma 1 · 2018



Voy Por El Sueño de Muchos · 2012


Mama Me Dijo un Dia

Clasificación C (Vol. 2) · 2015


Toma 4

Toma 4 · 2022


El Día de Nuestra Suerte

El Día de Nuestra Suerte · 2022


La Calle Sabe de Mi Nombre

Greatest Hits · 2018


Conmigo No

Conmigo No · 2021


Préndete Un Blunt

Préndete Un Blunt [Remix] · 2020


Las calles hablan

Ahora Tengo Todo Menos A Ti · 2022


Se Te Acabó La Suerte

Baúl · 2020


Quiero Volverte a Amar

Baúl · 2020


Llamala y Dile

Llamala y Dile · 2018


Pandillero Pero Millonario

Pandillero Pero Millonario (feat. Santa Fe Klan) · 2019


Sin Ti

Antes de Todo (Deluxe Edition) · 2016


Cuando el Amor Se Acaba

Clasificación C, Vol. 1 · 2014


Toma 2

Toma 2 · 2018


Quiúboles Que

Quiúboles Que! · 2021


Quien Contra Mi

Clasificación C (Vol. 2) · 2015


Round 2

Greatest Hits · 2018


Quiero Que Sepas

Greatest Hits · 2018


Vivo La Vida Cantando

Vivo La Vida Cantando · 2013



Déjame · 2022

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C-Kan, ZARAMAY, Angell Kiid - Stay Away
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