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Exclusive Song: DaBaby X NBA YoungBoy – NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERSTAR [Official Video]
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DaBaby Biography

Early life
Jonathan Lyndale Kirk was born on December 22, 1991,[a] in Cleveland, Ohio.[9] He moved to Charlotte,
North Carolina in 1999, where he spent most of his early years. He attended Vance High School
(now called Julius L. Chambers High School), where he graduated in 2010.
He attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro for two years,[10] but did not complete
his studies, saying he only went to college for his parents’ sake.[11] He grew up listening
to Eminem, 50 Cent and Lil Wayne with his two older brothers.[12]

DaBaby Biography

2014–2018: Early mixtapes
Kirk began taking music seriously between 2014 and 2015.[11] In 2015, he started off his music caree
by releasing Nonfiction, his debut mixtape. He later followed this up with his God’s Work mixtape series,
Baby Talk mixtape series, Billion Dollar Baby, and Back on My Baby Jesus Sh*t. He initially performed
under the name Baby Jesus, which he eventually changed out of concern that it had become a distraction.[13]
Kirk got his big break after signing to Arnold Taylor, the president of the South Coast Music Group label,
a big radio promoter. Taylor saw Kirk perform around North Carolina clubs at the time he [Taylor] was launching his label.
Taylor had been responsible for the early rise of Southern rap stars including Yo Gotti and Future.
[11] Once they started working together, the team kept building buzz around the South
with mixtapes and club shows, while Kirk was finding his sound.[13]

DaBaby Biography

Through his deal with South Coast, Kirk signed a short-lived distribution deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation
for his Blank Blank mixtape that would prove to be his breakout in late 2018.[13]
Thanks to the guidance of Taylor, and following major label bidding wars
, Kirk landed a seven-figure recording deal with Interscope.[11]
2019: Baby on Baby and Kirk

DaBaby Biography

DaBaby during an interview in 2018
In January 2019, upon being signed to Interscope, Kirk launched his own imprint, Billion
Dollar Baby Entertainment.[14] On March 1, 2019, Kirk’s debut studio album Baby on
Baby, was released via Interscope Records. He is also signed to South Coast
Music Group and has a joint contract with both labels. The thirteen-track project
features guest appearances from Offset, Rich Homie Quan, Rich the Kid and Stunna 4 Vegas.[15]

DaBaby Biography

Baby on Baby debuted at number 25 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in the US
. The song “Suge” debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 87 on the chart
dated April 13, 2019, and later reached the top 10, on the chart dated June 8,
2019.[16] Kirk was featured on the cover of XXL as part of the Freshman Class of 2019.[17]
Kirk featured on various hit songs throughout mid-2019, including Megan Thee Stallion’s
“Cash Shit” and Quality Control’s “Baby”, both of which reached the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.
On July 5, 2019, Kirk was featured on Dreamville’s compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers III,
on the opening track, “Under the Sun”. He received acclaim for his guest feature, with various publications ranking it as his best verse of 2019,[18][19][20] including Complex magazine calling it a “defining breakout moment for a new rap superstar”.

DaBaby Biography

In August 2019, he announced that his second album would be titled Kirk, a tribute to his last name.
[21] It was released on September 27, and debuted atop the US Billboard 200.[22] Its lead single,
“Intro”, was also successful, peaking at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.
Around that time, Kirk also made notable appearances on singles such as Post Malone’s “Enemies”
,[23] which peaked at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100, and on the remixes to
YG’s “Stop Snitchin”, Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”,[24] and Lil Nas X’s “Panini”,[25] released on
May 24, August 23, and September 13, 2019, respectively. On October 24, he made a
cameo appearance in the music video for up-and-coming rapper Rich Dunk’s breakthrough single “High School”.[26]
Kirk closed 2019 having 22 entries on the Billboard Hot 100 for the year, the most of any artist that year.[27][28]
DaBaby X NBA YoungBoy - NEIGHBORHOOD SUPERSTAR [Official Video]
16 آگوست 22
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She like baby blue like she from Carolina
Ain't foldin' under pressure, so I had to buy diamonds
Ain't talk 'bout shit on waist
But tell 'em, "They don't want my problems now"
We gon' double back, jump out with straps
Run down and pop 'em, slime
Ain't goin' for shit
I do too much, you can ask my mama
I be on everything (everything)
She be like, "Baby, just chill" (uh)
I be like, "Baby, shit real"
I look in yo' eyes, you looked at the flow
So I'm tryna know what you know, what's the deal? (Fuck goin' on)
What's goin' on? Nigga, do we got a problem?
Uppin' on every car that pull beside me
Leavin' they project full of bodies
I turn that beat to plenty hunnids
Soon as he come out then we got 'em
We gon' drop em, bitch
I'm full of pills, I'm sorry mama
Them niggas slang that fire and Molly, pop it
I can't squash it, it's too much, know I gotta
I been with that shit, they know that
Got Ms, been beatin' before that
5k, nigga, check my coat tag
Slip once, need a bitch with a toe tag
Drive fast, no plate on the Maybach
Trap house where they stash them plates at
Goyard, where I took my Drac' at
Thick hoe, nigga, know I don't play that
Let's go, stay out the way with them cameras
"I just seen Baby pull up in a Phantom"
Almost hit, nigga hopped out with a thick bitch (yeah)
Must be from Atlanta
Fuck that, they ain't see I hopped out with that blammer
They ain't know I got in with the stick on me
They don't know that this bitch right here bulletproof (Let's go)
I can't wait for a nigga to hit at me (Let's go)
I really be cool as a bitch but can be rude as a bitch
If I get the wrong energy (yeah)
They know I'll put a hoe out if I love her or not
It protect my lil' energy
Maybe shit, Baby too real for the industry
Or maybe they know they never can get to me
Know that they know they never can finish me
Let off my Glizzy, I'm feelin' a symphony, yeah
I'm in a burban and I got it on me
Three hundred thousand, just me and my homie
Lurkin', we loaded all the way until the mornin'
Get a bad lil' bitch so I can bone her
Nawf 38, posted on that corner
Waitin' for opps and duckin' cops
30 on my hip and under papa house I got a hundred shots
Niggas spin on his block, on dump don't stop
I can bet his car get chopped
Let me hit from the back, say "Top"
Come out, turn around, then let her get on top
Got millions, still invest in blocks
We get 'em, never through the mail
The spot be jumpin' like some shocks
No Jigga, get it on for real
Ain't done with that ass, they get done for real
Let 'em talk that shit while on them pills
Turn down as soon he feel this steel
Nigga, know we do this shit, for real
Tryna fight, by night his top get peeled
In the car by one, by two, he killed
By four I booked and flew the jet
On the way LA while on a leer
She on me bad, so what it is?
Grip her body, know I got it
Take her home and beat her body, I be diggin' all inside it
Suicidal Kamikaze, pussy shit, I don't acknowledge
Jump out, runnin' from them choppas
Tried to hide and then they caught me, gang
I leave a stain, all you hear is "Bang, bang"
Bitch, lay down, I run that gang
They know I'm the murder man
Don't come around, nigga you frowned
Fuck around? It's gon' go down
Nigga cook that shit, ain't a sound
Left nine bodies in the town
I left my bitch and got something new
Left her too, bitch I'ma hound
Ready to bite me a nigga (I'm a dawg)
I really don't like that lil' nigga (Baby)
Ooh, he a icy lil' nigga (Go)
I'm in this bitch with that stick, popping shit
I'ma pull that bitch out before I fight me a nigga (Boom, boom)
I'm on vacation, I can't get my hands on a banger
I fuck around, knife me a nigga
I fuck around, poke me a nigga
I fuck around, choke me a nigga
I fuck around, take me a lil' nigga hoe (Yeah)
Put dick in her face, make her beatbox (Go)
Ain't seen a thing, how he pop?
Fuck that, four five, got it on the cop
On that bullshit you niggas think that you on (let's go)
Fuck around and get spanked for a song (spank)
Fuck around and get spinned for a diss (spinned)
You gon' let 'em come in, get you killed (yeah, bitch)
Everyday, tryna stay out the way
Still adjusting to fame in this industry shit
Send a hit and I pay for the shit
I go in your shit, make you pay for that lip (keep goin')
Neighborhood superstar, throwing weed in the car
They like, "Boy, you can't pay for that zip" (keep goin')
They like, "nigga we ain't charging you shit"
Baby put on for Charlotte, he lit (yeah)
Cold-blooded killer in the car behind me
With a body and a stock on the side of his stick (Boom, boom)
I was thinking about a body, can't forget about the last three
Yeah, add another homi' to the list
On the daily, got two of them bitches
This one a semi, this one a switch
Doing my dance in here, thuggin', yeah
He hating for free, the nigga's a bitch
I'm in here with Nina Simone
I made her top fast, gave her some tits
Pulling her hair 'til she stutter, yeah
Fuckin' on her with no rubber, yeah
She like baby blue like she from Carolina
Ain't foldin' under pressure, so I had to buy diamonds
Ain't talk 'bout shit on waist
But tell 'em, "They don't want my problems now"
We gon' double back, jump out with straps
Run down and pop 'em, slime
Ain't goin' for shit
I do too much, you can ask my mama
I be on everything (everything)
She be like, "baby, just chill" (uh)
I be like, "baby, shit real"
I look in yo' eyes, you looked at the flow
So I'm tryna know what you know, what's the deal?
Yeah, nigga, do we got a problem?
Uppin' on every car that pull beside me

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