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EKKSTACY – i just want to hide my face


New Music Video EKKSTACY

 i just want to hide my face (Official Music Video)

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EKKSTACY biography

EKKSTACY biography

It’s an hour before EKKSTACY performs in New York City

 for the first time, and he’s been drinking. He’s pacing

 around Brooklyn venue Baby’s All Right before the show,

 dressed in black pants, black Alexander McQueen sneakers,

 a studded belt, and a black Suspiria T-shirt with the

 neckline cut out, revealing the top half of a starfish-sized

 heptagram tattoo just below his throat. Black dreadlocks

 hang over his face, and he’s got chunky silver rings on

 most, if not all, of his fingers. He drinks before shows

 to take the edge off, but he’s especially anxious about

 this night in New York.

“I don’t really like New York really in the first place,”

 the 19-year-old artist from Vancouver explains, recalling

 the day. “I was with my friends and we had a room at The

 Standard, East Village. I didn’t want to do the show

because I was so nervous, because I didn’t think it was

 going to be good. I was in the hotel room just drinking

 and being like, ‘Oh, fuck, I have a show tonight, fuck fuck fuck fuck.’”

EKKSTACY biography

EKKSTACY biography

While early fans are filtering in through the front door,

 EKKSTACY and his friend Pastel Drip slip outside and sit

 on the ground about 30 feet away, right outside the reach

 of the lights. Slumped over with backs against the wall,

 they vape for a few minutes and then circle around the

small crowd by the entrance and walk back in.

When the show starts, EKKSTACY looks like he’s in the zone.

 At over six feet tall with broad shoulders, he’s a physical

 presence. When his upbeat songs come on—unifying post

 punk melodies with SoundCloud rap-era scrappiness—he

 turns on the energy, bouncing up and down on stage

while his hair does the same on top of his head,

 giving brief glimpses of his face. On the slower

 tracks, he sits on the front edge of the stage

 surrounded by the fans who already know all the

 words to his songs. He seems confident and in

control of the space around him, but there’s also

 something fragile and withdrawn about the way

 he carries himself. When he’s not yelling ad-libs

 and wailing out hooks, he’s soft-spoken and reserved.

EKKSTACY biography

EKKSTACY biography

As a kid, EKKSTACY was hyper, happy, and had a pretty

 typical upbringing. On his first day of high school,

 his parents got divorced and he started to become

 more isolated and detached. For the first time in

 his life he didn’t have many friends. He describes

 his younger self as an outcast and a loser who

wanted to make music but lacked the confidence required,

 and he didn’t feel like he had anything to say.







EKKSTACY biography

i walk this earth all by myself



it only gets worse, i promise



then i met her



i want to die in your arms

i just want to hide my face · 2022


i gave you everything

i just want to hide my face · 2022


i want to be by your side



wish i was dead

i just want to hide my face · 2022


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Starry Eyes · 2020


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F*ck Everything!


i just want to hide my face

i just want to hide my face · 2022


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EKKSTACY - i just want to hide my face
18 سپتامبر 22
Without comment


Sadness always last too long
and I’m just wasting time
How much more can I take of this
I have felt so gray all my life

And I just wanna hide my face
Everyday feels the same
(Everyday feels the same)
And when I die what will they say
Will they remember my name

And I wish I could forget
That everything will end
And everyone I love has said
at least one time
That when we die
everything will be fine
(everything will be fine)

And I just wanna hide my face
Everyday feels the same

And I just wanna hide my face
Everyday feels the same
And when I die what will they say
Will they remember my name

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