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Fiki – CHUPKI V KRUSTA / Фики – Чупки в кръста


FIKI – CHUPKI V KRUSTA / Фики – Чупки в кръста | Official Video 2022

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Музика: Brothers Stoyanovi, Biser King
Аранжимент: Brothers Stoyanovi
Режисьор: Людмил Иларионов
Текст: Николай Гурманов, Biser King, Djodji bend
Стилист: Кирил Кирилов

Грим: Борислав Соколов
Hair styling: Асен Налбантов
Микс и мастеринг: Rosen Stoev – Reptilla SPR Studio

Fiki Biography

Fiki Biography

Fiki was born in Shumen, Bulgaria. His father Toni Storaro is a

popular Bulgarian singer. He is among the five Bulgarians selected

for more than 110-member international choir Voices of Youth

Music who participate in the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

In the casting he appeared with two songs of Stevie Wonder

– “Lately” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You”. Bellissimo

His first own song was a duet with his father Toni Storaro.

The song is titled “Kazhi mi kato mazh” (“Tell me like a man”)

(in Bulgarian “Кажи ми като мъж”). It was composed by

Pantelis Pantelidis. In early October 2013, he released

another new song – “Koy” (in Bulgarian “Кой”) with Galena.

Sholtry after that, Fiki signed a contract with the company

Payner and became a part of the music company.The song

won the ranking of “Hit of 2013” by portal

Fiki Biography

Fiki Biography

“Duet Song of 2013” at the annual awards of the “Planeta TV”

The first solo song was released on 30 April 2014 titled

Beshe Obich (in Bulgarian Беше обич). The title song topped

Bulgarian “Planet Top 20” chart in May. At the beginning of

summer 2014 he released the song Stiga (English: Enough)

with popular music video director Ludmil Illarionov

– Lusi. He embarked on a “Planeta Summer 2014” tour

for the first time to promote song. In October 2014 he

was featured in a song by Tsvetelina Yaneva titled

“Strah Me e” (in Bulgarian “Страх ме е”). In the same

month, he released the video for a second duet with

Galena called “Boje, Prosti” (in Bulgarian “Боже, прости”).

On 24 November 2014 Fiki release a new single “Gore-Dolu”

(in Bulgarian “Горе-долу”) featuring singer Preslava.

The follow up songs for the Christmas and New Year season

were “Zaydi, Zaydi” (“Зайди, зайди”) and “Yano, mori”

(“Яно, мори”).

Fiki Biography

Fiki Biography

In 2015, he was featured in Kristiana’s song Moy Dokray

(English: My Drone). On 20 April 2015 he released

the ballad song “Dusha” (“Душа”) and in early summer

that year “Bum” (English: Boom). He was also featured

in a song by the Bulgarian singer Andrea in “Sex Za Den”

(English: Sex for Day). On 3 July 2015 he collaborated

in a duet with Azis in the joint release on the song

“Blokiran” (“Блокиран”) followed by his own

single “Zhelezen” (“Железен”) in September 2015.

Fiki was awarded the special prize Fashion Idol during

the annual 2015 Ball of the top models, organised by

Evgeni Minchev. On 17 November 2015 he released the

video for new song “Dzhale, Dzhale” (“Джале, джале”).

 His last release of 2015 was “S Teb Ili s Nikoy”

(С теб или с никой”) a Preslava release.

Fiki Biography

Fiki Biography

Fiki won Singer of the Year 2015 and Video sensation

of the Year awards during the Annual Planeta TV Awards.

In the same year, he released his debut album Is This

Love, with three additional songs Ti si mi

sarceto (English: You are My Heart), Tuk sam (I’m here)

and first English-language song with same name.

In 2017, he released song Ако искаш

(English: If You Want), in September Pate (Little Duck).





Fiki Songs

Fiki Biography

– galena bozhe, prosti

– preslava s teb ili s nikoy

– ne ti proshtavam

– blokiran

– galena lamborghini

– ne me ostavyay

– gore-dolu

– vertoleta

– galena izneverish li mi

– galena koy

– dzhale, dzhale

– az izmraznah

– s drug me barkash

– pate

– beshe obich

– day mi znak

– shte te zakaram

– zhelezen

– desi slava da vdignem shum

– kade sam az, kade si ti

– hayde, slantse

– k’vo te barka

– takiva sme, kakvito sme

– bum

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Fiki - CHUPKI V KRUSTA Фики - Чупки в кръста


Trrr stibidi dop dop dop dop dop
yes yes yes yes shtib shtibidi dip dibidi 
wwww yes yes yes yes

Ако има някой да се покаже, от чупки в кръста да се размаже
Най-яката в инстаграма е с мен под юргана
Ах, писано вижте я само...

/2 Силикони, хиалорони 
всяка вечер по купони
красиво тяло на богиня
тази вечер ти си героиня

Харча си парите, карам си колите
всичките завои, вземам ги с вратите
Елате ми на старта 4x4 16 винтила
Черното BMW 
2x / е кошмара на всички 

Всички сме топ топ топ топ топ гъзари
Топа на топа са си нашите дами
Завъртете до долу до долу до долу ханша
Искам да ви е готино на всички в бранша!

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