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Luciano Music Video – Magic (Official Video)


Luciano New Music Video – Magic (Official Video)

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Director: Alyh

Crative Director: Luciano

Edit&Color : Ali Akgül

DOP : Lorenz Weissfuss

AC.1 : Malte Schwind,

Light : Karl Reuter, Finn Matt Williams

Production : Görkem Savsa, Miriam Zitt, Koray Diler

Production Company: Bipolar Berlin, Locosquad

Luciano Biography

Luciano Biography

Luciano (born 28 January 1994) is a German rapper of Mozambican descent from Berlin.[1][2]

The son of a Mozambican father and a German mother,

Luciano grew up mostly in the Schöneberg district

of Berlin. He published his first pieces on the

Locosquad YouTube channel. A little later followed

the first mixtape 12812. He achieved his breakthrough

with the piece Jagen die Mio, which he published with

his friend Nikky Santoro. This was followed by

another mixtape called Banditorinho.


Luciano Biography

He is a member of Locosquad and a part of the rap duo

$kelleto and Azzi Memo. His first song was produced

by Skaf Films. At the time producer Gentian was the

director. [3] As of March 2019, his highest solo

single placing in Germany is number three with

the song “Meer”. He has also reached number one

as a featured artist on Capital Bra’s “Roli Glitzer Glitzer”

Is He a Rastafarian?

Beliefs. He is a devout Rastafarian, whose

lyrics promote consciousness and eschew slackness,

Luciano Biography

Luciano Biography

or vulgarity, which is often prominent in reggae

and dancehall music. He has criticized other

Rastafarian reggae artists who record slackness

material, describing them as having lost focus.


Luciano Biography

Where is Luciano from in Jamaica?

Manchester Parish, Jamaica

Luciano / Place of birth

Image of Where is Luciano from in Jamaica?

The Parish of Manchester is a parish located

in west-central Jamaica, in the county of Middlesex.

Its capital, Mandeville, is a major business centre.

Its St. Paul of the Cross Pro-Cathedral is

the episcopal see of the Latin Catholic Diocese of Mandeville.


Luciano Biography

– your world and mine
– lord give me strength
– it’s me again jah
– sweep over my soul dub
– dread mar-i no convencerán
– in this together
– no night in zion
– over the hills
– dread mar-i only love
– the music
– lutan fyah settle down
– never give up my pride
– serve jah
– sizzla live on
– give praise
– messenger
– jah live
– by the fathers grace
– where there is life
– oh father i love thee
– how can you
– sweet mama africa
– i can you can
– carry jah load
– knockin’ on heaven’s door
– ulterior motive
– he is my friend
– perfect love
– for i
– who could it be
– shake it up tonight

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Luciano Music Video - Magic (Official Video)
04 اکتبر 22
Without comment


When the world is filled with thunder
And the winds are storming above
Deep within the night we wonder
If we've lost the magic of love
But there's something inside us
That looks to the sun
We dream that this light will guide us
With love for everyone
When the birds of war are flying
And the clouds are heavy with rain
Seems as though the skies are crying
And we feel the cold tears of pain
But there's something inside us
That looks to the sun
We dream that this light will guide us
With love for everyone
Love is there for us, everywhere for us
(In the sound of praying, little children playing)
Open your heart
Love to each of us, here in each of us
(Constant as the moon glows, or the way the grass grows)
Always and forever
Love is the river that fills every sea
Waters that mirror the way life should be
When the world is free of thunder
And the skies are peaceful above
Once again we'll know the wonder
Of the magic power of love
Oh, the magic of love

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