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Naz Dej – Allah Allah Ya Baba 2022

Exclusive Song: Naz Dej – Allah Allah Ya Baba 2022 (Official Music Video)
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With The Singer’s Biography

Naz Dej

Naz Dej

Naz Dej is a professional singer who is 23. She was born on the 11th of July, 1996.
Naz is living with her family in Azerbaijan. She has an elder sister who is 24. Naz Dej
graduated from “Odlar Yurdu” University which is in Baku. She is working on music since
she was 6 years old. Naz was 6 when she first went on stage. She had competed in a TV
program called “Dan Ulduzu” which had broadcasted on “LDR TV” and she took the 3rd place.
Naz Dej studied 11 years in “Sharaev Music School” on piano. She also took a dance lesson 3 years
 In addition to all of them, Naz Dej also took Vocal and Mugham lessons too. When she was studying,
she performed with orchestra. Naz competed in “Azerbaijan’s Voice” when she was 16 and she became
the most successful and memorable competitor of the show. Naz was also be a guest in Azerbaijan
‘s famous TV and Radio shows.Naz Dej has 8 compositions of her own. Two years ago, with DJ Roshka
who is so famous in Azerbaijan, Naz featured a song called “Azeri Mashup” and the song got more than 15 million
views in a short time. When Naz was 22,she competed in “The Voice Turkey” and she succeed to make 3 juries turn
.She selected Murat Boz as a master and Naz became semi finalist and got everyone’s love. She’s now making covers
in her own and the covers get more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Famous musician who has gained notoriety from her 2021 single “Leylayim Ben Sana” which was her

most streamed song on Spotify as of June 2022. When she was a teenager, she competed in the reality
competition series The Voice Azerbaijan. According to Spotify’s analytics, she has accumulated over 52,000
monthly listeners on her profile. She has also gained popularity for her song cover videos posted
onto her Naz Dej YouTube channel.
Before Fame
She first began singing as a young child. She had her first musical performance when she was six years old.


She released her debut single “Agir Cinayet” on January 1, 2020. That same day she also released her second career single “Can Kenarim.”

Family Life

Growing up, she lived with her parents and her older sister in Azerbaijan.
She posted a YouTube video on her channel in which she sang a cover of Elissa’s “Halet Hob.”
Naz Dej - Allah Allah Ya Baba


“Allah Allah Ya Baba” Türkçe Sözleri :

Tanrım, Tanrım  benim Babam
Selam olsun sana benim Babam
Tanrım, Tanrım benim Babam
Selam olsun sana benim Babam
Seyyid Mensur benim Babam
Senin hüzuruna geliyorum benim Babam

Yemin ederim Tanrıma (Benim Babam)
Onun aşkından (Benim Babam)
Ağlıyorum (Benim Babam)
Niye böyle zor? (Benim Babam)

Ben onlara gideceğim 
Ellerimde mum
Kalbimde alev
Damarlarımda ateş…

“Allah Allah Oh Father” Engilish Lyrics :

Allah Allah oh Father
Peace be upon you oh Father
Allah Allah oh Father
Peace be upon you oh Father
Saint Masoor oh Father
We'd pay you a visit , oh Father

I swear by Allah (Oh Father)
I've never loved anyone but my lover (Oh Father)
The pain of love (Oh Father)
Is hard to heal ? (Oh Father)

I come to you my lord
With candles in my hands
And fire in my heart
Burns my veins…

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