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Naz Dej New Music – Bochret Kheir


Naz Dej – Bochret Kheir / بشرة خير (Official Music Video)

With Lyrics And Music video with Highest Quality

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Original Singer : Hussain Al Jassmi

Düzenlenme : Arzu Abasova

Yönetmen : Elmir Abbasov

PR Manager : Mamed İbrahimli

Naz Dej biography


Naz Dej is a professional singer who is 23
She was born on the 11th of July, 1996.
Naz is living with her family in Azerbaijan.
She has an elder sister who is 24. Naz Dej
graduated from “Odlar Yurdu” University which
is in Baku. She is working on music since
she was 6 years old. Naz was 6 when she first
went on stage. She had competed in a TV
program called “Dan Ulduzu” which had broadcasted
on “LDR TV” and she took the 3rd place.

Naz Dej biography


Naz Dej studied 11 years in “Sharaev Music School”
on piano. She also took a dance lesson 3 years
In addition to all of them, Naz Dej also took Vocal
and Mugham lessons too. When she was studying,
she performed with orchestra. Naz competed in
“Azerbaijan’s Voice” when she was 16 and she became
the most successful and memorable competitor
of the show. Naz was also be a guest in Azerbaijan
‘s famous TV and Radio shows.Naz Dej has 8
compositions of her own. Two years ago, with DJ Roshka
who is so famous in Azerbaijan, Naz featured a song
called “Azeri Mashup” and the song got more than 15 million
views in a short time. When Naz was 22,she competed
in “The Voice Turkey” and she succeed to make 3 juries turn
.She selected Murat Boz as a master and Naz became
semi finalist and got everyone’s love. She’s now making covers
in her own and the covers get more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Naz Dej biography


Famous musician who has gained notoriety from
her 2021 single “Leylayim Ben Sana” which was her
most streamed song on Spotify as of June 2022.
When she was a teenager, she competed in the reality
competition series The Voice Azerbaijan. According to Spotify’s analytics, she has accumulated over 52,000
monthly listeners on her profile. She has also gained popularity for her song cover videos posted
onto her Naz Dej YouTube channel.

Naz Dej Songs


Leylayım Ben Sana



Muhur · 2020


Allah Allah Ya Baba

Allah Allah Ya Baba · 2022


Wana Wana

Wana Wana · 2021


Daha Besdir

Muhur · 2020


Mevzum Derin

Muhur · 2020


Gitme Dur

Muhur · 2020


Enta Eih

Enta Eih · 2021



Cehennem · 2022


Gel Gor

Muhur · 2020


Ah Etmem

Ah Etmem · 2021



Aweli · 2021


Agir Cinayet

Agir Cinayet · 2020


Nutella Gibi Tatlısın


Sorma · 2020


Kaybettim Yarimi


Nabiz 180

Muhur · 2020


Halet Hob

Halet Hob · 2021


Ya Ghali

Ya Ghali · 2021


Yana Yana

Yana Yana · 2020


Yoksun Yanimda

Yoksun Yanimda · 2020


Ben Ne Yanginlar Gordum

Muhur · 2020


Can Kenarim

Can Kenarim · 2020






Tamalli Maak


Bir Arzu Tut








Seni Seve Seve


Bağlandığım İnsan

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دي فركة كعب وهتعملها
قصاد الدنيا هتقولها
وخد بقى عهد تعدِلها
سكتت كتير

خَدِت إيه مصر بسكوتك
ماتستخسرش فيها صوتك
بتكتب بكره بشروطك
دي بشرة خير

قوم نادي ع الصعيدي وإبن أخوك البور سعيدي
والشباب الأسكندراني اللمه دي لمة رجال
وأنا هاجي مع السوهاجي والقناوي والسيناوي
والمحلاوي اللي ميه ميه والنوبه الجُمال

ماتوصيش السوايسه الدنيا هايصه كده كده
والإسماعلاويه ياما كادوا العدا
كلمني عالشراقوه وإحنا ويا بعض أقوى
وإحنا ويا بعض أقوى وأملنا كبير

بحيري منوفي أو دمياطي
دول اقربلي من إخواتي
حلايب أهل وقرايب ناديلهم روح

وأكتر حاجه فيها ميزة
نشوف حبايبنا في الجيزة
يا مرحب ألف خطوه عزيزة بناس مطروح


“Good Tiding” Engilish Lyrics :

This is an easy task, and you will do it
To the world you will speak out
And take an oath to make it better
You have been quiet for too long

What did Egypt gain from your silence
Do not you voice
Tomorrow, you will write it under your own conditions
This is a good tiding…

Go call out for the ‘9a3idi’ (from upper Egypt) 
And your nephew from ‘Port Said’ 
And the youth from ‘Alexandria’ for this is a gathering of men
And I will come with those from ‘Sohag’ and ‘Qina’ and ‘Sinai’ and ‘ who are the best of the best

No need to double check on the people from Suez, 
Everything is now jumbled together
And the people from ‘Al Ismailiyyah’ who have been through a lot

Talk to me about the people from the East, 
And together we are stronger
And together we are stronger
And our hope is high…
This is an easy task, and you will do it
To the world you will speak out
And take an oath to make it better
You have been quiet for too long

The people from Menouf, or Damyat
Those people are closer to me than my brothers
They are all family and friends
Go call out for them

And the thing that stands out most
Is for us to see our beloved ones from Giza
Oh greetings with a thousand paces
Towards the people

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