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Tayna New Music Video – Teket


Tayna New Music Video – Teket [official video]

With Lyrics And Music video with Highest Quality

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Produced by: Celik Lipa (SBS Ent)

Lyrics and melody by: TAYNA

Video by: Sekuence

VFX: 2B Studio

Executive Producer: Rinor Hykolli

Tayna Biography

Tayna Biography-5

Doruntina Shala (Albanian: [dɔɾunˈtina ʃaˈla]; born 14 December 1996),

known professionally as Tayna, is a Kosovo-Albanian rapper and singer.

Born and raised in Prizren, she rose to prominence in the

Albanian-speaking territories during the span of 2018 after

the releases of five top-three singles. Her success was further

solidified upon her breakthrough in German-speaking territories

in 2020 as she signed a record contract with Sony Music.

Tayna Biography

Tayna Biography-6

Doruntina Shala was born on 14 December 1996 into an Albanian

family in the city of Prizren, then part of the FR Yugoslavia,

present Kosovo.[1][3][4] Shala unsuccessfully auditioned

for the first season of Talent X in 2016.[5] She made her

breakthrough in the Albanian-speaking territories,

following the releases of “Columbiana” and “Shqipe”

topping the charts in Albania.[6][7] In August 2018,

she performed at the Sunny Hill Festival in Pristina

along other acclaimed artists such as Action Bronson,

Martin Garrix and Dua Lipa.[8] In December 2018,

Tayna Biography

Tayna Biography-7

she released her follow-up single “Aje” featuring

fellow Kosovo-Albanian rapper Ledri Vula.[9]

In the same month, she was named as the personality

of the year by the Kosovan television programme Privé.[10]

In February 2019, Shala released the follow-up single

titled “Ring Ring” and peaked at number eight in Albania.

[11] “Ring Ring” was succeeded by two top 10-singles,

including “Kce” and “Caliente”, the latter with Albanian

producer Cricket.[12][13] In August 2019, she collaborated

with Albanian rappers Lyrical Son and MC Kresha on

“Pasite”.[14] The single reached number one in Albania

and peaked at number 155 on the Spotify charts in

Switzerland.[15] Nevertheless, the follow-up collaboration

with fellow Kosovo-Albanian singer Dafina Zeqiri, “Bye Bye”,

Tayna Biography

Tayna Biography-8

also reached number one in her native country.[16]

“Sicko” and “Sorry”, the subsequent releases, attained

success in Albania, reaching number 2 and 13, respectively,

on the local chart.[17][18] In June 2019, Shala signed

a two-year contract with the Kosovan coffee company Devolli Corporation

In January 2020, Shala collaborated with Kosovo-Albanian

rapper Mozzik on their single “Edhe ti”, which was

released to commercial success in Albania and the German-speaking

territories.[21][22] In July 2020, the rapper signed

a record contract with the German subsidiary label of

Sony Music.[23][24] Succeeding “Bass”, the single, “Qe Qe”,

peaked at number nine in Albania and went on to reach

number 45 in Switzerland. In January 2021, she released

her single titled “Moona” featuring French-Algerian

rapper L’Algérino while peaking at number 83 in

Switzerland.[25] Another charting collaboration

followed in June 2021 with the release of “Ti harro”

with German-Albanian rapper Azet.

Tayna Biography

Tayna Biography-2

[26] In the same month,

Shala was chosen as the protagonist on the summer

collection titled Playboy x DEF of the German subsidiary

of Playboy and German streetwear brand DefShop.[27][28]

In November 2021, she collaborated a second time with

Ledri Vula on the follow-up single “Hala”, which went

on to peak at number 55 in Switzerland.[29]

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Tayna Songs

Tayna Biography-3

Bye Bye · 2019



Pasite · 2019



Doruntina · 2018



Aje · 2018



Hala · 2021


Edhe Ti

Edhe Ti · 2020



Moonlight · 2021



Sicko · 2019



QE QE · 2020


Ti Harro

Neue Welt · 2021



Caliente · 2019



OFG · 2021



Pijetore · 2021



WTF · 2021



Kce · 2019



Columbiana · 2018



Fake · 2018



Magdalena · 2021


Ring Ring

Ring Ring · 2019


Pow Pow

Pow Pow · 2018


A jo

A jo · 2020



Shqipe · 2018



Heroinat · 2021



Bass · 2020



Taka · 2021



Sorry · 2019

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Tayna New Music Video - Teket
10 اکتبر 22
Without comment


Se teket e tua
Teket e tua
Se teket e tua
Mi duru nuk i kom njejt
Teket e tua
Nuk ti ngoj tranohu krejt
Teket e tua
Mi duru nuk i kom njejt
Teket e tua
Nuk ti ngoj tranohu krejt
A thu kush tbon me kesh ty tash?
Mi harru ti kujtimet bashk
Mezi po pres me t'thon a t'thash
Kurr me to ski me kon mo ti bashk
A thu kush tbon me kesh ty tash?
Masi t'lash un me nji mesazh
E du veten ma shum a t'thash
Ti m'njeh n'tem sikur n'personazh
Teket ti teket e tua
Ma kan pru mu te huna
Per leket jo leket e tua
Me duru un nuk du nah
Nuk e di kshu ku je msu
Po kshtu hic nuk tbon me mu
Mos thuj s'tkom paralajmru
Krejt e din un boj ca du
Se teket e tua
Mi duru nuk i kom njejt
Teket e tua
Nuk ti ngoj tranohu krejt
Teket e tua
Mi duru nuk i kom njejt
Teket e tua
Nuk ti ngoj tranohu krejt
Ca, ca
Ca fati
S'tkom pa prej asaj nate
E teprove e zgate
S'kom vakt me majt inate
Prej qe ke shku
Mir jom ka flejt
So tu ma ni
Sma ke lon shenj
Une tkom msu
Me mu foret lej
Kallxom kush kujt n'fund zemren ja thej
(The number you have dialed doesn't give a fuck)
Ska pergjigje alo, alo?
As nuk ka me thon m'fal mo
Lem rehat mos em thirr ndalo
Ska pergjigje alo, alo?
As nuk ka me thon m'fal mo
Lem rehat mos em thirr ndalo
Se teket e tua
Mi duru nuk i kom njejt
Teket e tua
Nuk ti ngoj tranohu krejt
Teket e tua
Mi duru nuk i kom njejt
Teket e tua
Nuk ti ngoj tranohu krejt

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