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YG New Music- “How To Rob A Rapper” ft. Mozzy, D3szn


YG  New And Hit Music Video – “How To Rob A Rapper” (Official Video) ft. Mozzy, D3szn

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YG Biography and all other songs On Topsound

YG Rapper Biography

YG Rapper Biography

Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson(born March 9, 1990), better known by his

stage name YG (short for Young Gangsta), is an American rapper

from Compton, California. In 2010, he released his debut single,

“Toot It and Boot It” (featuring Ty Dolla Sign), which peaked

at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100. The single’s success

resulted in his signing to Def Jam Recordings.

YG Rapper Biography

YG Rapper Biography

In the

following years, YG released mixtapes such as The Real 4Fingaz,

Just Re’d Up, Just Re’d Up 2, 4 Hunnid Degreez, among others.

In June 2013, YG signed an additional deal with Young Jeezy’s

imprint CTE World. His 2013 single, “My Nigga”

(featuring Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan), peaked at number 19

on the US Billboard Hot 100. He then released the singles

“Left, Right” (featuring DJ Mustard) and “Who Do You Love?


YG Rapper Biography

YG Rapper Biography

” (featuring Drake), leading up to the release of his debut

studio album in 2014. The album, My Krazy Life, was released

in March of that year by Pu$haz Ink, CTE World and Def Jam,

and receiving commercial success and critical acclaim.

Later in 2014, he was featured on his highest-charting

single to date, “Don’t Tell ‘Em”, with American singer

Jeremih, peaking at number 6 on the Hot 100. In 2016,


YG Rapper Biography

he released his second album, Still Brazy, to further acclaim.

In 2018, he released his third studio album, Stay Dangerous,

to generally positive reviews. It included the single,

“Big Bank” (featuring 2 Chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj),

his highest charting solo single, peaking at number 16

on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. His fourth studio album,

4Real 4Real, was released in 2019 in memory of deceased

rapper and close colleague Nipsey Hussle.


YG Rapper Biography

His fifth

studio album, My Life 4Hunnid, was released in 2020.

Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson was born on March 9, 1990, in Compton,

California. His stage name “YG” stands for

“Young Gangsta.” YG joined the Bloods gang in

2006 at age  His father served time in jail for tax fraud

2012 brought YG international recognition when Psy’s “Gangnam

Style” gained worldwide popularity as a viral video.


YG Rapper Biography

On August 21, it charted at number one on the iTunes

Music Video Charts. This feat was a first for a South

Korean artist. By November 24, “Gangnam Style”

had become the most viewed video in YouTube history,

and the first video to surpass a billion views.

The song was credited as the main reason for YG’s

share prices increasing by more than 60 per cent,

 with the record label subsequently filing its

first annual report in 2012 with profits of over

50% after going public on the KOSDAQ the year before.

That same year, the label signed rapper and producer Tablo,


YG Rapper Biography

leader of the hip hop group Epik High, relaunching his

career after a musical hiatus following his Stanford

controversy. Tablo’s band Epik High later transitioned

into the record label following his success.

Yang’s increased involvement on competitive reality

television series led to several record deals with contestants,

starting with K-pop Star’s first season runner-up Lee

Hi. Other participants on the show were signed as

potential members of the label’s future boy groups.




YG Rapper Biography

On the second season of the show, both the winners,

sibling duo Akdong Musician as well as runner-up

Bang Ye-dam, signed under the agency. Additionally,

the reality program Win: Who is Next was later

launched by YG, in which two teams of male trainees

competed against each other for the chance to sign a

contract with the label to debut as the company’s

next boy band. The conclusion of the reality series saw the formation of Winner



YG Rapper Songs

anitta que rabão

yg toxic

yg go loko

yg gangsta

h.e.r. slide

yg my nigga

yg scared money

yg who do you love?

yg fuck it up

yg big bank

snoop dogg that’s my nigga

yg stop snitchin

tyga ride out

yg why you always hatin?

21 savage run

yg alone

yg left, right

yo gotti act right

yg suu whoop

yg fdt

yg idgaf

yg perfect timing

yg i just wanna party

yg pop it, shake it

yg toot it & boot it

yg twist my fingaz

tyga bop

yg sign language

yg blood walk

yg i’m a real 1

yg bicken back being bool

yg in the dark

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YG Rapper Biography
03 اکتبر 22
Without comment


[Intro: YG]
Welcome to the mind of a motherfuckin' maniac
Pray for me y'all, uh

[Verse 1: YG]
Stick up, stick up, stick up, stick up
This for all my broke real niggas
Who squeeze triggers but they don't pay you to be active
Peep game, I'ma teach you how to rob a rapper
Catch a nigga lackin', he slackin' on IG Live
He gon' show his whereabouts on accident, he be high
He gon' show the jewels he wearin' and the car that he drive
Stupid nigga showed the same location three times
And it seem like every Friday at the eight
He flex crustation, men used, he like to date
Sit it out in the front, catch him at the valet
Never mind, it's Beverly Hills, you don't wanna catch no case
Scratch that, big Bach, he gon' slip up again
Gotta make it count so you gotta score to win
Don't get frustrated, it's complicated, he always with his friends
Look, there he go, by himself slippin', he in that Benz
[Chorus: YG]
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob

[Verse 2: Mozzy]
Ayy, we gon' use a dummy pace to hit his management
I'ma need your artist on my album, what's the damages?
I got the cameraman with me, let's shoot a movie too
Before I hung up on homie, told him it's bulletproof
They on the way, call the gang and put him on the plate
A watch alone without the stones, it go for thirty K
Slide luxury under where Minnesota plays
Youngin in the back lookin' sketchy, he never show his face
There they go in that bourbon, they let him through the gate
Finna bounce out on it, 'til I told him "Wait"
We gon' let him get bumped up before we strip his ass
Nah, never mind, nigga, let's get this bag, what's happenin'?
Run the pieces, can curl, lil' nigga, give me that
Or you gon' have to eat this fifty pack, yeah
Fuck the Cuban, they callin' to get this tennis back
Already sold, it ain't no gettin' it back, ah
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[Chorus: YG]
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob

[Verse 3: D3SZN]
These rappers wanna come to the bricks and flash chips
In the hood, we was structured for robbin' and field trips
It was a Friday, the perfect time to hit a lick
You tryna use the hood for clout on time, we plottin' on your shit
I see him pull up, I chuck the hood up, you know you good, blood
Sick the homegirl's on a nigga, make him think it's hood love
And he ain't been a gangster so you know that it's a stickup
You better pay the homies 'fore you try to come flick up
Okay, it's time to make a move on this nigga
Give me all your shit or, bitch, I'm pullin' the trigger
I need that chain, the watch and all the cash you got
Don't be thinkin' shit sweet when you pull up on my block
To the jewelry, to the plaza, turned the jewels to some guap
I could teach you how to rob, I could teach you how to flock
This Bonny on the watch and we ain't givin' no passes
If he move funny, better blast it (Blast it)
[Chorus: YG]
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob
I can teach you how to rob a rapper
I can teach you how to rob

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